Back in June, Toronto comedian Perry Perlmutar—not a fake name—released Same, his first stand-up album. It's got an hour's worth of Perlmutar originals covering everything from his past life as a teacher, to passive-aggressive game-playing with his wife, to his kid's snot. We recently gave the album a listen, and learned the following tidbits about the feather-haired comic.
He's got a bombshell figure
Now that he's in his mid-thirties, Perlmutar decided it was time to start taking care of himself. And on "Gym," one of Same's opening tracks, he describes his first workout—during which his trainer surprised him with the news that he's got a great bod. Just not in the way any dude wants.
He used to work at an ESL school
Before becoming a full-time comedian, Perlmutar taught ESL—which is a great gig if you're also looking to stockpile jokes. The first half of Same addresses several of the humorous miscommunications that happened while Perlmutar worked at the school, including his dealings with various Turkish guys who insisted they have all the same things in their home country as we do here in Canada. (Note: this is where the album title comes from!)
He's not as dumb as his wife thinks
Don't get us wrong: Perlmuter is dumb. But as he explains on "My Wife Knows Me," he's not quite as dumb as his partner thinks he is.
Gollum is not sexy
As "Gollum" aptly illustrates, just because you kind of sort of look like Gollum, doesn’t mean anyone wants to engage in a Gollum-based sexual role-play with you.
Kids love stadium rock
As a kid, Perlmutar apparently loved AC/DC. At least his mom thinks he did. She might, however, be very confused about what AC/DC actually is.
Click here to download Same off iTunes, or hit play below for a Perlmutar preview!