On the final track of Mark DeBonis’ hilarious first stand-up album, God Amongst Super Gods, released today, the comedian compares himself to "the guy you didn’t like growing up" with a voice reminiscent of one "people use to describe assholes in stories". After listening to the album, Mark comes across more like the neighbourhood guy who manages to be friends with everyone, armed with a voice reminiscent of a modern-day Rodney Dangerfield, and jokes covering a wide range of topics from cheap haircuts to the dangers of bees at night.

The album reflects DeBonis’ time growing up in Scarborough and transitioning into living in the city as an easy-going, twenty-something guy. This is no more apparent than on the track "Scarborough/Behind Close Talker", the story of a robbery gone wrong that will likely ring true to anyone who grew up in the suburbs outside of Toronto, or any other large city for that matter. The bulk of the jokes are Mark’s take on the little nuances of his life with the strongest stretch being the middle of the album, which includes the aforementioned "Night Bees" bit (listen below), a relatable joke about wearing a jacket with a ripped inner liner, and a solution to our tendency to never waver from our go-to chocolate bars.

His material on relationships isn’t as strong as the rest, but the album ends big with tracks on comparing Twitter to homeless people and using pamphlets to resolve any problems an audience might have with him.

Despite a lot the jokes hitting on seemingly random topics, each bit flows very well into one another and really gives the feeling that you’re at a party listening to a funny guy go off in front of a gathered crowd. God Amongst Super Gods is now available through iTunes so you can judge what kind of person Mark DeBonis is for yourself--no matter what you decide, you’ll be laughing along the way.