Back by popular demand, we’re giving you even more red carpet madness from JFL’s Comedy Awards in Montreal, which occurred last Friday at around 5pm-ish, Eastern Time, and was hosted by the totally-not-horrible-like-he-said-he-would-be Paul Lemieux. Some of the hot topics covered, but not limited to, included: The Montreal Canadiens, Old Spice deodorant, haircuts, socks, headaches, making poor decisions, and the Edmonton Mall’s indoor Ferris wheel. We’ve got Terry Crews and the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. We’ve got T.J. Miller dropping Tim Hortons references. We’ve got Nick Offerman discussing his favourite North American craftsmen. We’ve got Evan Goldberg whining over the fact that he has to split his director award (for The Interview, which like hasn’t even come out yet) with Seth Rogen. Check it out!