The 48 hours we’ve been here have felt more like 48 days, what with all the comedy we’ve crammed in. Day 2 was another smashing success, especially by starting the day off with a bunch of bananas and an interview with the delightful Noel Fielding of The Mighty Boosh. He’ll be performing later tonight as part of the Andy Samberg gala that will be taped for the next season of Just For Laughs: All Access, so if you’re in town, do whatever you can (except like, murder) to grab tickets.

Despite his reputation as being an angry guy, we had a lovely chat with The Daily Show’s Lewis Black who told us he’s probably the only gala performer at the fest who took the bus to get here. We’ll have the interview up later on today, but for now enjoy this photo as proof.


Once night fell we took in the Hannibal Buress-hosted Talk of the Fest show at Club Soda where our Canadian contingent of Joey Elias, Sara Hennessey, Trixx and Chris Locke absolutely killed.

Afterward, we kept it Canadian and headed up the street to catch Nathan Fielder’s Nathan For You screening and Q&A where we got to watch a full, unaired episode while Nathan get to know some of his fans--it was almost like watching an episode of the show unfold before our eyes!

We capped the night off at Andy Kindler’s Alternative Show and witnessed some genius performances from The Daily Show’s Al Madrigal, Sean Cullen, Mark Forward, Matt Besser, TJ Miller, Jerrod Carmichael and more if you can believe it. Needless to say, we’re pretty tired, but we’ve got another full day of comedy craziness and we’re hoping to get some backstage reportage from the Andy Samberg gala tonight. Stay tuned!