Get ready for a belligerent Saturday: Dennis Miller's stand-up special, America 180°, premieres tomorrow night at 10ep on Comedy. This is Miller's state of the union address, an hour-long rant on all the things that bother him about contemporary America. Which is a lot of things.
But while Miller has carved out a niche as a political humorist, he's not so well known for his fashion. Sure, he just wears suits and blue shirts all the time. And sure, he hasn't changed his look in the three decades he's been on TV. But at least he has a look at all.
So in honour of Miller's so-boring-it's-not-boring style, we're counting down the comedian's five best beards.

5. In more recent years, Miller has opted for a grey goatee. And we've opted to not like it very much.

4. So this technically isn't a beard, but the absence of a beard. In Miller's Saturday Night Live days, he was clean-shaven and baby-faced. It just seems wrong.

3. All cropped and cleaned up for his short-lived hosting gig on Amne$ia, a game show where contestants had to answer questions about their own lives. Question we want Dennis Miller to answer about his life: what were you thinking with that tie?

2. Grey beard, flowy hair, wire glasses. This is the Dennis Miller we've come to love and/or hate.

1. The Dennis Miller classic. It's pretty much the same as the last photo, but with a dash of Just For Men.