A Number of Bits is an appropriate name for an Alex Nussbaum album. On his latest recording, the Toronto comedian jumps from topic to topic (to topic to topic to topic to topic) with few segue-ways but a whole lot of ADD energy. Released last month, A Number of Bits features forty separate "bits," ranging in theme from farting girlfriends to camping to Russian dolls. To get you hyped for a listen, we've highlighted five bits worth a bite.
1. Music Bit
Nussbaum might be starting a fart-based jazz band. But that's only because the twenty-first century has no respect for vaudeville. On "Music Bit," you can sample his whiny, nasal-y vaudevillian vocal stylings.
2. Kids Bit
"I don't have kids, but I don't mind judging people who do," Nussbaum explains at the start of "Kids Bit." That said, if he had his own kid he wouldn't be above pocketing that kid's weed. Which we're not judging. Not one bit.
3. Ghost Bit
Would living in a haunted house really be that bad? As Nussbaum suggests on "Ghost Bit," maybe not. Like if the ghost had a way better sense of style than you. There must be at least one "feng shui ghost" out there (as Nussbaum puts it), helping homeowners find inner peace while also giving them the creeps.
4. Pho Bit
Nussbaum likes to eat pho. And he also knows the correct pronunciation of the word "pho." But unless he's changed his tune since recording "Pho Bit," don’t ask him to say it out loud.
5. Perfectly Good Bit
Have you ever really thought about the expression "perfectly good"? On "Perfectly Good Bit," Nussbaum gives a perfectly good—or rather, actually good—explanation for why it makes no sense.
Click here to download a copy of A Number of Bits off iTunes, and delve deeper into Nussbaum by visiting his website, Comedy Now! special and Twitter feed. Ah what the heck, one more bit: