JFL42 will likely never be as big and powerful as its older brother who lives in Montreal, but it’s growing every year and as Just For Laughs ages well into adulthood, JFL42 is like a trendsetting teenager what with its unique pass system and cooooooooool lineup!

The bulk of the 42 was announced today and it features not only some of the best comedians in the world, but also some HUGE names in entertainment in general. Enough metaphor and introduction, let’s just tell you who’s coming:

Seth Meyers
Lena Dunham
Amy Schumer
Wanda Sykes
Joe Rogan
Nick Offerman

Annnd the rest of 42!
Tim Minchin
Tig Notaro
Mike Birbiglia
Chris D’Elia
Paul F. Tompkins
Doug Benson
Rory Scovel
Broad City
Kumail Nanjiani
Ron Funches
Nikki Glaser
Brody Stevens
Andy Kindler
Mark Forward
Cameron Esposito
Joe DeRosa
Peter N’ Chris
Tony Ho
Johnny Pemberton
Ian Karmel
Emily Heller
Graham Kay
Sara Hennesey
Matt O’Brien
DeAnne Smith
Christina Walkinshaw
New Faces
AltDot Comedy Lounge
Comedy Bar/Tru42
Canada’s Top Comic
The Second City
Absolute Comedy
Yuk Yuk’s


The event runs from September 18th – 27th in Toronto and passes start at just $49, way cheaper than a new pair of shoes that will end up stinkin’ anyway. If you're a touch confused, this video should clear everything up: