This July 1st, it's Canada's 147th birthday.  Let's celebrate!

1. Jump out of a cake dressed as Sir John A. Macdonald but without any pants on.

2. Prank call Coffee Time's head office and ask to speak with a Mr. Tim Horton (then call back and apologize for your actions).

3. Dip something American in maple syrup--it's called "The Canadian Baptism".

4. Quietly drive around your neighbourhood waving the Canadian flag out the window. No honking and don't forget to put on your hazard lights.

5. Excitedly dry hump the MP of your riding.

6. Start a petition to pass a law to make it possible to marry a beaver.

7, Sit alone in a dark, windowless basement whispering the national anthem over and over again to yourself.  

8. At the end of the day, dress up as the Queen and hand out loot bags for everyone.