If you've found yourself in any of these situations, you might want to go get yourself checked out at a church.

1. Once, when riding on a roller coaster, you reached out and caught a bird with your bare hand.

2. Every single time you're at Medieval Times, your chosen Knight wins the tournament.

3. When you're rollerblading downtown and lose control, you miraculously always find a small patch of grass to wipe out on.

4. You once accidentally kicked a soccer ball hard off the head of a blind old lady causing her to momentarily regain her vision.

5. You're at a bank thinking about deer, when suddenly a frantic and lost deer jumps through the front window. You briefly make eye contact with it before it's shot in the head by a cop. 

6. Complete strangers who are in a lot of pain constantly approach you, bow down and beg for your help (usually when you're at The Bay, wanting you to help them shoplift).

7. Every time you realize your bowl haircut needs a trim you're annoyingly struck by lightning, which somehow does the trick but hurts like a son of a bitch.

8. You're eerily calm as you find yourself trapped in a bouncy castle, the wind taking you high up into the sky towards heaven.