Review wrapeped up its triumphant first season last night on Much and in celebration of Forrest’s final reviews, we wanted to look back on his best reviews of the season.

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5. Sleeping with a celebrity
The show’s best cameo goes to ex-Disney star Ashley Tisdale who unfortunately becomes a victim of Forrest’s review to sleep with a celebrity. After shelving out a ton of money, and crushing a little girl’s dreams, Forrest won a dinner date with Tisdale, but failed to have sex with her. He didn’t go home alone, though, plus he got some (sort of) free ribs out of it!

4. Addiction
There is nothing funny about drug addiction, but Forrest’s foray into the world of addiction was a slippery slope of madness that truly captured the wild spirit of the show. If this isn’t an anti-drug ad that’ll scare kids away from drugs, then we don’t know what is. Just look at Forrest’s rating.

3. “There All Is Aching”
Everyone was thoroughly confused by this one. When Forrest was asked to review something called “There All Is Aching,” Forrest really dove deep into the words of phrase and it literally drove him insane. If the addiction review wasn’t enough of an indication of how far Forrest can go with these quests, then this is the ultimate display of work commitment.

2. Traveling to space.
This was definitely a shocker. What started off as yet another lavish, but fun review turned into a secret way for Forrest to impress his estranged wife and win her back by inviting her father on a dream trip into space. Unfortunately, things didn’t end up the way he had hoped. R.I.P.

1. Eating 15/30 pancakes.
These are hands down the two best reviews Forrest has ever done, especially because of the order of events that transpired in that episode: pancakes, divorce, and more pancakes. The difference between the first and second pancake reviews are drastic and it kind of makes us want to eating a million pancakes, but also makes us want to throw up. We give all of these reviews five stars out of five.