Whether you're playing with one on a packed city bus or performing in front of children, figuring out that Rubik’s Cube can be super tricky, and sometimes showing off doesn't always go according to plan.

Here are 8 things you can do before the whole thing gets embarrassing and blows up in your face:

1. Drop the Rubik’s Cube like it's extremely hot, as if it just burnt your hands, then scream “Why has God cursed me with these quick hands?” and walk away.


2. Pretend to faint.  People can't judge you on completing a task if you're unconscious.


3. Yell out “OH SHIT! IT'S A BOMB!” and throw the cube as far as you can.  Get down on your knees and cover your ears.  While everybody else around you panics, use the opportunity to quickly disappear.


4. Fake a nose bleed, drop the cube to the ground and immediately begin to smash it with your foot yelling “Devil's toy! Devil's toy!”.


5. Using sleight of hand, slip the unsolved cube back into your bag and ask a stranger: “Hey, is that a Rubik's Cube in your pants or are you just happy to see me?”.  He will most likely deny it but just continue to insist your cube is down there until people don't know who to believe anymore.


6. Toss the cube high into the air and hope lighting strikes it.  Pretty epic if it does.


7. Pretend your cell phone is ringing.  Pick it up and say “Hello?” followed by, “Sure, I'll hear a joke!”.  Give a slight pause then begin to laugh out loud continuously for as long as it takes until you are completely alone.


8. Have a friend show up dressed as an angel and say to you: “Excuse me but every time a Rubik's Cube is solved, a nerd is shoved into a locker.” Shed a tear as you place the unsolved cube into your friend's hand and walk away with him into the light.