Nathan Fielder will be making a rare live appearance in his former hometown of Toronto on June 6 at Comedy Bar, screening a preview of Nathan For You Season 2 and doing a Q&A. The event listing claims the Q&A "will include several off-the-cuff jokes by Fielder, who’s a mediocre improviser", so expect a lot of deadpan honesty, the kind that Fielder has perfected so well on his show.

This will likely sell out pretty fast so get your advance tickets here, and if you need to get caught up on Season 1, which you probably don't need to if you're a true fan, you can head over the Much and watch the whole thing. Hopefully this event isn't some sort of elborate Nathan For You-style trick to make Comedy Bar a better business at your expense, but at least if it is you'll be part of history. 

Here's a Nathan Fielder classic, shot on the gritty streets of Toronto and featuring our man Chris Locke: