It's May 24!!  The long weekend has landed. Time to head up to the cottage with your friends and re-enact a Budweiser commercial.

But we can't forget safety first!  So here are 8 safety tips you should keep in mind over the next few days:
1. Heading north in a packed car,  buckle up and drive the speed limit.  Also, don't forget your buddy in the trunk also needs to get out and stretch his legs every so often.


2. Know your CPR!  Very useful, especially if you completely forget about your buddy in the trunk.


3. Jump in that lake at least 30 mins after eating (and an hour after you dump your buddy's dead body in there).


4. Respect the authorities. The police will be out in full force so do NOT lie to them and impersonate your missing buddy.


5. Respect your neighbours.  No loud noise after 11pm and wait until around midnight if you need to break-in to watch them sleep.

6. Keep a safe distance away from any open flame. This Includes any bonfires that you plan on starting to roast marshmallows over or to summon the demon of your dead buddy.

7. Don't binge drink. Losing control of yourself is dangerous.  Let the demon tell you when you've had enough.

8. Drive sober.  Heading back home you want to be clear headed and frightened as you question who you are and what the hell was that.