For Amy Schumer, hell is getting trapped in an elevator with Colin Quinn. That's what happens at the top of this week's Inside Amy Schumer, when Amy tries to leave her apartment building, only to find herself trapped in a downward spiral of stream-of-consciousness small talk with her over-friendly neighbour, played by Quinn at his chattiest. Does Amy live here? Did she grow up in New York? Doesn't she think this week is going by fast? Is she doing all right? Well actually, no, she's not doing all right. She's stuck in an elevator with her busybody neighbour, and she's never, ever going to get out again.
Also in this episode, Amy participates in a drunken cooking show with Greta Lee; leads a press conference following the tragic collision between a booze cruise and a party boat (both carrying separate bachelorette parties); and slurs through an atrocious rhyming wedding toast. Plus, she makes up words with Robert Kelly.
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