We've painstakingly put together another episode of Just For Laughs: All Access that will finally see the light of TV this Sunday, May 25 at 9ep. With all the hard work that goes into creating an episode of this hilarious comedy show including booking the acts, renting a theatre, feeding the acts, setting up cameras, pampering the acts and editing the thing, the LEAST you can do is watch it. Here's who's going to be joking this week:

Chris Hardwick

Chris is the comedy/nerd world's equivalent of Ryan Seacrest in that he hosts just about everything someone in the comedy/nerd world could possibly host, including Just For Laughs: All Access. Check out this joke from the episode that will make your next vacation a lot less enjoyable!

Graham Clark

Graham is a bearded Vancouver resident who co-hosts the wildly popular Maximum Fun podcast Stop Podcasting Yourself with co-host Dave Shumka. Here's ANOTHER preview from the show where Graham talks about helium:

Darryl Lennox

Darryl isn't technically Canadian, but he did spend twelve years here and started his career in comedy in Vancouver, so let's just pretend that he's one of us. Here he is talking about our great nation:

Jeff McEnery

Jeff is actually from Canada and has won pretty much every comedy award our country has to offer. Here's a clip of him talking about small town living in Acton, Ontario taken from his Comedy Now! special:

Todd Glass

If you ever get the opportunity to actually go to Just For Laughs and hang around the hotel where all the comics stay, chances are you'll spot Todd Glass surrounded by other comedians and making them laugh like crazy. Any time I have a party I think about Todd's tips contained in this episode of the excellent documentary web series, Modern Comedian:

Mark Normand

Mark has a long list of credits including appearances on Conan, Inside Amy Schumer, Last Comic Standing, John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show and Best Week Ever. Here he is on the aforementioned Conan, likely wearing something different than what you'll see on Sunday: