It's your special day and you're the star! But sometimes destiny has another way of seeing it.

Here are 8 signs your birthday celebration isn't going the way you planned:

1. You've got to call the police because some uninvited shirtless man on rollerblades shows up to your place and refuses to leave.

2. Everyone chips in and buys you a struggling Arby's restaurant.

3. The hired clown shows up late with a balloon in his pants shaped as a banana that he obsessively can't stop adjusting.

4. Halfway into singing Happy Birthday, everyone just trails off as they load up twitter and Facebook on their phones.

5. You blow out all the candles on your cake except for one.  Nobody notices except for the beautiful girl in the back. She notices, and after that you never see her again.

6. A naked old man jumps out of your birthday cake wearing a hooded robe and an 'Eyes Wide Shut' mask.

7. You crack open your birthday piñata unleashing a bunch of pissed off ghosts who begin to harass your friends and family. Somebody gets a pie in the face. Another gets their track pants pulled down to their ankles.

8. Your Mom forgets to prepare the loot bags!!