Canada is slowly thawing out from the harshest winter in recent memory, meaning it’s almost time to start going outside again. Despite the benefits of physical activity, we at Comedy encourage you to use the weather as an excuse to stay indoors for as long as possible, as soon the very idea will be considered illogical and you’ll get totally behind on all the best shows. Here we remind you of what we got on air this weekend to make your sitting around as pleasurable as possible.


Brody Stevens: Enjoy It! – 12ep

Dinner is ancient history, your cat won’t shut up and you need something to watch before you fall asleep and have that awful recurring dream where everyone is naked but you. These are ideal conditions to watch the latest episode of Brody Stevens: Enjoy It! which finds Zach Galifianakis convincing Brody to volunteer at a soup kitchen after he suffers a bout of depression. Admittedly, this doesn’t sound super hilarious, but mushrooms shouldn’t be delicious and yet they are. If you haven’t checked out this funny, unique show yet, get caught up RIGHT HERE before your neighbor eats all your bandwidth after he figured out your Wi-Fi password is simply your name backwards.


John Pinette Marathon – 8-11ep

Sadly, John Pinette passed away last Saturday and to honour his legacy we’ve got three hours of pure Pinette including a brand new special JFL: The Masters – John Pinette. Here’s the full rundown of the evening:

8ep – JFL: All Access – John Pinette
9ep – John Pinette: Still Hungry
10ep – JFL: The Masters – John Pinette


Just For Laughs: All Access – 10ep

What would Sunday be without a brand new episode of Just For Laughs: All Access? Probably just church, some board games and maybe another failed attempt at making homemade crackers. If that’s your thing, don’t let us stop you, but we’d seriously recommend checking out this week’s lineup of stand-up comedy featuring Chris Hardwick, Cal Wilson, Charlie Demers, Bo Burnham, Mark Little, Todd Barry and Alonzo Bodden. Be sure to at least check out Canadian Mark Little who you’ll recognize from Picnicface and who was named one of Variety’s 10 Comics to Watch in 2013.

If you need to kill some time before the clock strikes ten, you can always watch the first three episodes of the new season at these coordinates. Happy watching!