Remember that show Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers? If yes, keep reading, if no? You can stick around too, but it is worth mentioning that CTV Extend’s hilarious new Canadian web series Space Riders: Division Earth is largely influenced by the sci-fi/karate/monsters show from the mid-nineties. And just like how you’re likely able to buy the entire Power Rangers series on DVD for like, not that much money probably, all thirteen episodes of Space Riders are available to watch for FREE right here and on the CTV GO app.  

The show stars current Torontonians Dan Beirne (The Bitter End, Dad Drives) as Philip and Mark Little (Mr. D, Picnicface) as Ken, a couple of buddies mistakenly selected to defend the Earth against Orson Ooze, a possibly transgendered alien, fresh out of jail played by Kayla Lorette (That’s So Weird, Death Comes to Town). The more confident Ken becomes the brawn while pushover Philip becomes the brains after activating “broaches” that allow them to zoid-up and become karate-knowing superheroes. They’re warned not to use their powers for personal gain, but Ken’s eagerness to live life as a tough guy and Philip’s dogged romantic pursuit of his boss Penny (Amy Matysio) get in the way. With a hugely talented cast and crew and scripts penned by Beirne and Little, you’ll have no problem breezing through all thirteen episodes. When you’re finished, check out some of the other exclusive web series on CTV Extend then watch Space Riders again, then eat something and get yourself cleaned up.

Stay tuned to Extend as later this year they’ll premiere a new stand-up comedy competition show pilot called Joke or Choke from Executive Producer Howie Mandel. Finally, here’s Mark Little’s Comedy Now! special, combining the star of Space Riders with the subject of this last paragraph.