Chris was lucky to end his interview with Harland Williams without gaining a black eye, as the intrepid interviewer got into some hot water early on due to some misunderstandings about Harland’s supposed wife Deborah. Thankfully, tempers remained below boiling for the rest of the interview and the pair managed to discuss some real things such as Williams’ and David Koechner’s Instagram movie and his JFL set that may or may not include a cooking demo with Dane Cook. The interview concludes with a role-reversal that sees Chris gain the upper hand after Williams dubs him “Paul Bunyan Jr.” It’s probably best if you watch it yourself rather than pretend you did based on what you just read.

And when you’re all done watching that, check out latest episode of Just For Laughs: All Access featuring the widow Williams and fellow laugh sculptors Jeff Ross, Neal Brennan, Hari Kondabolu, Tig Notaro and Bert Kreisher.