Toronto-based writer/comedian Fraser Young has just released his new album Food, Medicine & A Surprising Amount of Math through Comedy Records. Though the title doesn’t specifically indicate, the album is full of hilarious comedy from a guy who has been headlining clubs around North America (and some in Hong Kong) for years as well as writing on shows like Almost Heroes and George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight.

The album is not only full of jokes, math, food and medicine but also some great life tips like how to get faster service at the hospital by describing your pain as more than a four out of ten, as well as a surefire way to feel old without reflecting on how long it’s been since Kurt Cobain died.

Since its March 25 release, the album is the #1 comedy release on iTunes Canada, so why not become a part of history and get it yourself? Don’t know how? Let the man himself show you: