Every night @midnight, one comedian is named Funniest Person in the World for the Next Twenty-Three and a Half Hours. Or for the weekend, if it’s Thursday’s show.

Here’s who reigned this week:
Monday’s winner: Hannibal Buress
Runner up: W. Kamau Bell
Total loser: Eliza Skinner
The final test: Write the title of your senior thesis were you to attend Furry University, a specialized post-secondary education program established as part of Furry Weekend Atlanta.
Buress' winning thesis: "Human Sexual Contact and What I Imagine That Would Be Like"
Full episode: right here.
Tuesday’s winner: Jenny Johnson
Runner up: Mike Lawrence
Total loser: Todd Barry
The final test: Write a Trip Advisor review of your visit to a New York City art gallery where a creepy masked robot does a horrifying "sexy dance" to Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines."
Johnson's winning review: "Rub your dick on one gyrating robot and suddenly 'I'm' the bad guy? Gift shop was nice. 2 stars"
Full episode: right here.

Wednesday’s winner: Neal Brennan
Runner up: Dan Levy (not Canadian Dan Levy, other Dan Levy)
Total loser: Whitney Cummings
The final test: Write an Overstock.com review for this contender from NASA's spacesuit contest. Side note: NASA is asking people to vote on what their next spacesuits should look like.
Brennan's winning review: "Did I die? Yeah. Did I look like a cool fat baby in a supertight power ade shirt? I sure did. 5 stars"
Full episode: right here.

Thursday’s winner: Megan Neuringer
Runner up: Greg Proops
Total loser: Ben Kronberg
The final test: Write the Craigslist post that brought together the three people involved in this awkward makeout.
Neuringer's winning post: "Dead Male Seeks Horny Male for Bad Threeway. No Corey Feldmans."
Full episode: right here.