Liam Neeson is really tall. Jon Stewart is really short. Liam Neeson is really good at punching things in movies. Jon Stewart probably isn't good at punching in any situation. Nevertheless, they were standing up for a fistfight at the end of Neeson's interview on yesterday's Daily Show, after the Non-Stop star went on a long spiel about New York's horse-and-carriage industry. NYC mayor Bill de Blasio wants to ban the carriages, Neeson doesn't think he should, and Stewart doesn't seem to care much either way. "From my perspective," Stewart said, "it does not seem to be—and this may be just an emotional reaction—a particularly fulfilling life for an animal." But Neeson insisted the horses are trained for that life—and then jumped up out of his seat, ready to deliver a beating. If Stewart's seen Taken, he'll stay in his chair.
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