To be clear: Stephen Colbert thinks the Ku Klux Klan is "a vile, despicable hate group." But after hearing that Klan members were conspiring to build a deadly radiation device (or "death ray"), Colbert wondered if their weapon could be used for good. And what better way to explore this absurd hypothetical than by turning it into a cartoon? "Laser Klan" envisions an Independence Day-style scenario in which aliens attack Washington— and the KKK are the only people who can save it. Their dog helps out, too.
Viacom, The Colbert Report's parent company, wasn't sure this was such a good idea. "We're a little concerned with this especially because it's airing during Black History Month," the up-aboves wrote in a letter. Which just egged Colbert on. "Were they polite about it? Yes. Were they making a reasonable point? Absolutely," Colbert said—before rolling the clip.
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