The U.S. speed skating team failed to win even one medal at the Sochi Olympics, and they're handling their failure like a bunch of wah-wah babies: by blaming their new Under Armour suits. But the Americans aren't the only ones acting childish. During an interview on CNBC, The Netherlands' speed skating coach Jillert Anema, who helped lead his team to a record-breaking 23 medals in Sochi, trash talked the U.S.A. like a fifth-grade bully losing his temper on a playground at recess. "Americans always believe that they are the best. But that's not true!" he said, before launching into a rant about how Americans should just stay in their own country and play football, or something.
As an American who always thinks he's the best and supporter of the U.S. speed skating team, Colbert is not taking these words well. On last night's Report, he pulled off his clogs and sacrificed some tulips.
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