Every night @midnight, one comedian is named Funniest Person in the World for the Next Twenty-Three and a Half Hours. Or for the weekend, if it’s Thursday’s show.

Here’s who reigned this week:
Monday’s winner: NO ONE! Chris Hardwick declared himself the winner.
Runners up: Michael Ian Black & Kerri Kenney-Silver
Total loser: Michael Showalter
The final test: Respond to this Craiglist ad for a "Feline Lap Surrogate." The job entails sitting next to the cat dude/lady who wrote the post and letting their cat sit on your lap. The cat needs a lot of attention and its every wish must be fulfilled!
The jury: This FTW was judged by a jury consisting of members of the sketch troupe The State. And they didn't laugh at either of the answers. (Except Ken Marino, who smirked a little tiny bit.)
Full episode: right here.
Tuesday’s winner: Steve Agee
Runner up: Jamie Lee
Total loser: Myq Kaplan
The final test: Write a Trip Advisor review for the cruise on which this grandma partied with a frat's worth of shirtless bros wearing grass skirts and coconut bras.
Agee's winning review: "Much better than the Italian cruise where my husband was killed. 2 stars, would have been one star, but I got that sweet tattoo on my Shrekgina"
Full episode: right here.
Wednesday’s winner: Riki Lindhome
Runner up: Jonah Ray
Total loser: Kyle Dunnigan
The final test: Write a personal forecast for the dude who tried to heckle meteorologist Jim Cantore during a live weather broadcast earlier this week—but just got kneed in the crotch.
Lindhome's winning forecast: "There's a high ball pressure system moving in from the south. We're looking at a 98% chance of pain with his father's disappointment at an all time high. 5 year forecast shows it will not be letting up."
Full episode: right here.
Thursday’s winner: Jason Sklar
Runner up: Randy Sklar
Total loser: Brody Stevens
The final test: Write a negative review for Uber's personalized halftime shows. Offered in Manhattan for a couple days earlier this week, the gimmick allowed users to order a six-person band and six cheerleaders to their doorstep.
Jason's winning review: "I got excited when a friend hired an N'SYNC cover band — unfortunately it was N'SYNC — then Joey Fatone decimated my bathroom. Amazingly, it wasn't my worst experience with Uber. 3 stars"  
Full episode: right here.