Jessica Williams went all Elizabeth Banks on last night's Daily Show. She begins the segment below by interviewing Forbes columnist John Tamny about the United States' Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which currently provides food stamps to 47 million Americans. With billions of dollars being cut from SNAP, those who rely on the program may soon have to get their food elsewhere—which Tamny says is a good thing. In his view, food stamps are cruel. If Americans are left to starve on the streets, he says, charities will just step in and provide for those who can't afford nutritious meals.
As Williams delves a deeper into Tamny ideas, it starts to sound a lot like the plot of a recent dystopian blockbuster. Inspired by his words, Williams slips into some satin, glues down some fake lashes, and trains a group of New York City public school kids to fight for their lunch.
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