Rounding up the least not funny tweets from Comedy personalities and guests from the past week.

John Hodgman was on @midnight last night. And he didn’t cheat, okay? Watch his ep right here.

The Sklar Brothers were on last Wednesday’s @midnight. This movie idea does not sound like it would be uplifting.

On last Thursday’s @midnight, Julie Klausner failed to win Funniest Person in the World—she wasn’t even the runner up. But on Twitter, she’s basically prom queen. See below.

The Daily Show’s Jessica R. Williams somehow discovered an eyebrow threader who doesn’t just sternly stand over you tearing the hairs out of your face. Sounds lovely.

This is kind of a corny dad joke from Stephen Colbert. But we dig it.

Match Game’s Debra DiGiovanni is admitting to fucking hating a lot of things she acts like she only mildly dislikes.

Someone turn this Sean Cullen tweet into a cute pop-up storybook immediately!

Jessi Klein is a writer on Inside Amy Schumer and a very popular tweeter. Here are her thoughts on daylight savings time: