Now that JFL is rolling along, here’s what some of this year’s performers have been saying about it.
Match Game’s Sean Cullen wants you to stop paying attention to the royal baby and start paying attention to his jokes. Which he will perform in the Seth Meyers Gala on July 24.

Sarah Silverman is also hosting a gala on July 27. Could she be on her way to Montreal already?!

Chisel-sculpted Adonis Colin Quinn has been counting calories in anticipation of his keynote address at the ComedyPRO conference. Non-pros can see Quinn his own show, Unconstitutional, from July 25-July 27; at the Eddie Izzard Gala on July 25; or in The Alternative Show on July 27, hosted by Andy Kindler.

Instead of bulking up, Debra DiGiovanni prepared for her solo show by lazing around.

Mark Little’s set at the Seth Meyers Gala is gonna be absolutely godawful. And his sketch show, Mark and Kyle Go to Prom, is guaranteed to be totally lame. How did he even get named to Variety’s “10 Comics to Watch” list, anyway?

Jeff McEnery endured a harrowing ordeal to get to Montreal for his performance at Talk of the Fest on July 24, hosted by Kristen Schaal. But he made it. He made it.

Australian comedian Sam Simmons will be performing his show Meanwhile on several nights this week. Come see him do the thing where he does that thing, it’ll be a great thing.

And here’s hoping Eddie Della Siepe puts these items to good use following his Talk of the Fest set tonight, which will be hosted by Chris Hardwick.