Demetri Martin's show Important Things with Demetri Martin only lasted two seasons but in some countries in the world there's pretty much only one season, so technically the show is better than Jamaica and the North Pole. It's a very funny, quirky and delightful show with each episode comprised of recurring segments built around a single, one word theme. Not to be outdone by shows that limit themselves to just one, the show features all five core disciplines of comedy: Stand-Up, Sketch, Animation, Music and Nude Breakdancing.

Like many cancelled shows before it, Important Things served as a launchpad for some of today's best young writers while under the expert guidance of a handful of old pros. Throughout the two seasons, the writing staff included Canadians Levi MacDougall (touring nationally with Demetri Martin) and Nathan Fielder, Bob's Burgers voicers H. Jon Benjamin and Dan Mintz, Megan Ganz (Community) and John Mulaney (Saturday Night Live) amongst Late Night With Conan O'Brien veterans Dino Stamatopoulos, Andy Blitz and Michael Koman. It may not be the most imporant show of all time, that honour would probably go to The News or that Super Bowl where Michael Jackson did magic tricks, but the things in the show were very funny and certainly worth watching. And you don't even have to go out and rent it from the only remaining video store in your town that's only still there because they sell e-cigarettes and oddly good deli sandwiches made by the owner's grandma. We have all the episodes ready to go.

If you're weary of clicking on links, check out episode 208 below that examines "Nature", probably the most important thing on Earth other than ice cold drinks. You'll be able to spot several of the writers listed above and you thank me for introducing you to Gayfoot.