Jon Stewart dedicated a whole segment to possibly-crack-smoking Toronto mayor Rob Ford—and was told the truth about our national customs by The Daily Show’s Senior Canadian Correspondents Samantha Bee and Jason Jones.
In a remote segment for Conan, Tig Notaro tried to fix the following problem: even though she’s been on TV, no one ever recognizes her! To rectify this wrong, Notaro visited a variety of L.A. businesses and requested that they put her headshot up on their walls—even if it meant sacrificing a photo of her friend Sarah Silverman.
It’s cute how Amy Schumer farts when she’s scared. But involuntary flatulence isn’t so endearing when you’re trying to hide from a murderer.
Nathan Fielder risked becoming a registered sex offender, all in the name of—well, basically nothing. There was no reason for him to put himself through this. But his whole Claw of Shame episode is insane essential viewing.
And Conan organized a competition between NBA mascots that should never, ever try to dunk.