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Trevor Noah Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah

The hostest with the mostest.

Aisha Alfa Aisha Alfa

Aisha Alfa

Is secretly 73 years old.

Anthony Atamanuik Anthony Atamanuik

Anthony Atamanuik

Is almost TOO good at his Donald Trump impression???

Baron Vaughn Baron Vaughn

Baron Vaughn

Believes society is at Peak Music Festival.

Gina Brillon Gina Brillon

Gina Brillon

Just married her first husband.

Jim Norton Jim Norton

Jim Norton

Has an intense dislike for the word "supper."

Michelle Buteau Michelle Buteau

Michelle Buteau

Disapproves of patent leather shoes in the summer.

Alonzo Bodden Alonzo Bodden

Alonzo Bodden

Claims Canada is the "Switzerland of countries"

David Angelo David Angelo

David Angelo

Did not kill JonBenét Ramsey.

DeAnne Smith DeAnne Smith

DeAnne Smith

Pretended to be a teenage boy named Mark

Dulcé Sloan Dulcé Sloan

Dulcé Sloan

Wants to remind us that there are no leopards in Georgia.

Sabrina Jalees Sabrina Jalees

Sabrina Jalees

Wants you to be the First cool Karen.

Ted Alexandro Ted Alexandro

Ted Alexandro

Is not in his sexual prime.

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