The Stand-Up Show with Katherine Ryan

The Comics

Katherine Ryan Katherine Ryan

Katherine Ryan

Has a bone to pick with the Duchess of Sussex.

Andy Kindler Andy Kindler

Andy Kindler

Really wants to know if this is Drake.

Graham Clark Graham Clark

Graham Clark

Literally reads the phonebook and makes it entertaining.

Ms. Pat Ms. Pat

Ms. Pat

Says (correctly) that Zumba is for white women who can’t dance.

Nick Thune Nick Thune

Nick Thune

Doesn’t know what trust is.

Steph Tolev Steph Tolev

Steph Tolev

Not a fan of breakfast soup.

Aisha Brown Aisha Brown

Aisha Brown

Can’t tell white guys with beards apart.

Colin Quinn Colin Quinn

Colin Quinn

Says Canada essentially ghosted America and England during the Revolutionary War.

Graham Chittenden Graham Chittenden

Graham Chittenden

Insists that Halloween is NOT for dogs.

Joe Firestone Joe Firestone

Joe Firestone

Thinks Russian nesting dolls should be edible.

Sara Schaefer Sara Schaefer

Sara Schaefer

Is hoping the ‘Just Nips’ trend will take off.

Chad Daniels Chad Daniels

Chad Daniels

Thinks tampons are magic (but admits that toxic shock is VERY real).

Liza Treyger Liza Treyger

Liza Treyger

Might have made an enemy out of Howie from the Backstreet Boys.

Mark Forward Mark Forward

Mark Forward

Wears his sunglasses at night.

Rebecca Kohler Rebecca Kohler

Rebecca Kohler

Has no patience for boring people.

Rhys Nicholson Rhys Nicholson

Rhys Nicholson

Will always politely decline methamphetamines.

Ivan Decker Ivan Decker

Ivan Decker

Doesn’t understand why people tweet at McDonalds.

Joel Kim Booster Joel Kim Booster

Joel Kim Booster

Is on ALL the apps.

Lauren Pattison Lauren Pattison

Lauren Pattison

Doesn’t want to be “cute, sweet, and adorable” in her 20s.

Nish Kumar Nish Kumar

Nish Kumar

Admits men have had tricky couple (million) years.

Sean Patton Sean Patton

Sean Patton

Boy, are his arms tired – but not for the reason you might think!

Todd Barry Todd Barry

Todd Barry

Knows what you can ACTUALLY buy with 10k.

Big Jay Oakerson Big Jay Oakerson

Big Jay Oakerson

Assumes gay men are all ambidextrous.

Chris Distefano Chris Distefano

Chris Distefano

Has strong opinions about peanut allergies.

Courtney Gilmour Courtney Gilmour

Courtney Gilmour

Is making an active effort to look at girls’ hands.

Mike Vecchione Mike Vecchione

Mike Vecchione

Looked to the Village People for career inspiration.

Todd Glass Todd Glass

Todd Glass

Would rather have zero Reese's Cups than one Reese’s Cup.

Zainab Johnson Zainab Johnson

Zainab Johnson

Watches porn to learn about modern society.

Chris Gethard Chris Gethard

Chris Gethard

Got slapped by a child.

Janelle James Janelle James

Janelle James

Doesn’t care that you can play “Redemption Song” by Bob Marley.

Joel Dommett Joel Dommett

Joel Dommett

Wishes we could angrily close Venetian blinds.

Julio Torres Julio Torres

Julio Torres

Does a mean impression of a Brita filter.

Mark Little Mark Little

Mark Little

Beer before cider, awaken the spider. Cider before beer, no spiders appear.

Tony Hinchcliffe Tony Hinchcliffe

Tony Hinchcliffe

Is Snoop Dogg’s new best friend.

Alex Edelman Alex Edelman

Alex Edelman

Is too old for adoption.

Chris Redd Chris Redd

Chris Redd

Doesn’t know how to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius.

Ed Gamble Ed Gamble

Ed Gamble

Was once part of a heavy metal band called Tethered Priest.

Sara Hennessey Sara Hennessey

Sara Hennessey

Doesn’t know if she can handle VR.

The Cooties The Cooties

The Cooties

Everything’s a plaza (literally AND metaphorically??)

Tim Dillon Tim Dillon

Tim Dillon

Claims every cruise is a ‘Walking Dead’ cruise.

Dave Merheje Dave Merheje

Dave Merheje

Does not live in an igloo.

Gavin Matts Gavin Matts

Gavin Matts

Bought a cool animal puzzle.

Matt Braunger Matt Braunger

Matt Braunger

Isn’t good at weed.

Mike O'Brien Mike O'Brien

Mike O'Brien

Thought 2007 was “INSANE!”

Rose Matafeo Rose Matafeo

Rose Matafeo

Moonlights as a Christmas cracker joke writer.

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