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Russell Peters His hobo name would be 'Rusty Pete'

Russell Peters

Wow, we got Russell Peters to be on the show?

Michelle Wolf Every background this year is colour-matched with artist's hair

Michelle Wolf

This wolf has been howlin' on The Daily Show, did you even know that?

Roy Wood Jr. Could also be named "Roy Sapling" get it?

Roy Wood Jr.

Don't let this lead you to believe we got everyone from The Daily Show on this season. We didn't.

Darcy Michael Hat, glasses, beard? My kinda disguise.

Darcy Michael

In celebration of Canada 150, here's another Canadian.

Ruben Paul RuPaul

Ruben Paul

He's done stand-up all over the world so Montreal probably seemed boring.

Sebastian Maniscalco He spotted an audience member eating a bowl of stew

Sebastian Maniscalco

This guy is so good at expressing things with his face that I'm surprised we got such a regular photo.

Graham Chittenden Spot the parabola

Graham Chittenden

This next group of comics have a lot of syllables in their names. Graham is the most Canadian of all of them.

Steve Rannazzisi Always tastes the mic first

Steve Rannazzisi

He's stars on The League unless that show is over then it's he STARRED on The League

Tammy Pescatelli Nona used to make us plates of tammy pescatelli

Tammy Pescatelli

Of all the Tammys left in the world, she is by far the funniest.

Jay Pharoah The pendant on his chain is just his bike key

Jay Pharoah

The Pharoah emerges from his tomb to deliver jokes and impressions worthy of Ra himself.

Brad Williams His shirt was green we added the plaid in post

Brad Williams

Small guy makes HUGE jokes.

Chris Locke He refused to glue the mic to his hand

Chris Locke

One of Toronto's best comedians will bring you into his brain, life, and grasp.

John Cullen Same initials as God's only son.

John Cullen

Not all Canadian comics are curlers, but this guy seriously is.

Fahim Anwar Those lines make it look like he's going fast, eh?

Fahim Anwar

He used to be an engineer but there's WAY more stability in comedy.

Ronny Chieng That's not a part in his hair it's a pipe cleaner

Ronny Chieng

Another Daily Show correspondent who will blow your socks ON

K. Trevor Wilson AC/HE HE

K. Trevor Wilson

The Letterkenny star will show you the side of him that's real and not fake like on the show.

Jermaine Fowler He just got an idea!

Jermaine Fowler

Did you catch Jermaine on HBO's Crashing? Don't bother answering, we can't hear you.

Aisha Alfa One of the lighting guys started screaming

Aisha Alfa

She stars on The Beaverton unless there are two Aisha Alfas who look exactly the same.

Tom Green Thomas M. Green of Ottawa

Tom Green

Whoa, awesome.

Scott Thompson A Man on the Stage

Scott Thompson

No way!

Tone Bell For Whom The Bell Tones

Tone Bell

Tone's comedy tones will resonate with just about anyone.

Nikki Glaser Good call not hiding her teeth

Nikki Glaser

She'll glaze your brain with comedy cream.

Tom Henry Print this pic out and make a Pog out of it, dare you

Tom Henry

Calm, cool, dejected.

Dave Merheje Head makes fizzing sound when hat is popped off

Dave Merheje

He doesn't live in Canada anymore but that's more our fault than his.

Sara Schaefer We actually approved a different pair of glasses

Sara Schaefer

It's a "Schaef" bet that you'll enjoy Sara's set.

Jessica Kirson I wonder if she was hungry or full here?

Jessica Kirson

A stand-up vet, not the kind that helps animals, the kind that makes animals laugh.

Dan St. Germain Noticed our drone that drops hot dogs into the crowd

Dan St. Germain

Last name translates to "The Saint of Hahahahahaha" so you know he's good.

David Cross His Prince symbol would be "+"

David Cross

Yep, THE David Cross, not the one who isn't one of the best comic minds of our time.

Mark Forward Also what he looks like when he does sports

Mark Forward

It wouldn't be Just For Laughs All Access without a set from Canadian master Mark Forward.

Maria Bamford Ma Bam Bam

Maria Bamford

Lady Dynamite herself explodes onto your HD (or SD) TV.

Nish Kumar Revenge is a Nish best served funny

Nish Kumar

Nish is British so give him the same respect you'd give the Queen.

Todd Barry Will he ever need glasses?

Todd Barry

Todd brings his medium energy back to the well-polished stage of Just For Laughs.

Jim Norton Not a magician *sigh*

Jim Norton

This year we're snortin' more Norton.

Barry Crimmins Crimmin-al Mind

Barry Crimmins

A true stand-up legend who will tell you exactly what's wrong with everything.

James Adomian Likely not chewing gum or food here

James Adomian

He does a very convincing Bernie Sanders but an even better James Adomian.

Mike Ward Hair by wind

Mike Ward

With home field advantage, this bilingual bad boy is guaranteed to rip it up.

Kyle Bottom Hat on? Guess the national anthem isn't playing

Kyle Bottom

His name may be "Bottom" but his jokes are tops.

Tiff Stevenson I bet she has... 6 uncles

Tiff Stevenson

In Canada, "TIFF" is a film festival, while in Britain she is a hilarious comic.

Grace Helbig & Mamrie Hart Two for the price of however much your cable package is

Grace Helbig & Mamrie Hart

Two YouTube stars who make the other comics seem very crotchety in comparison.

Mark Normand Can't even being to guess when his birthday would be

Mark Normand

It feels like he's going to blow up soon so don't waste an opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

Matt O'Brien Matt, email us if you don't like this pic

Matt O'Brien

A good Ontario boy as funny as the province's famous screaming toads.

Julia Hladkowicz "I sense... my set going well"

Julia Hladkowicz

The letters in her last name don't make much sense but the jokes in this Canadian's set will be very clear and funny.

Jackie Pirico Rolling her eyes over the temperature of the mic

Jackie Pirico

To define Jackie Pirico is to define everything you like run through a cool guitar effects pedal.

Aisha Brown More people should feature their shoulders!

Aisha Brown

She's done it all in Canada, including this show, so to get her to stay we'll probably have to buy her a ssssick car or something.

Matteo Lane Geez don't dress up or anything

Matteo Lane

Take a spin down Matteo Lane. It's paved with jokes.

Gad Elmaleh Watch Gad josh

Gad Elmaleh

He's the biggest comedy star in France so he probably found Quebec delightful.

Katherine Ryan K-Ry'in with laughter

Katherine Ryan

She started in Canada, moved to the UK, and is back in Canada for this show. She probably went back to UK after though.

Russell Kane Inkane in the mekane

Russell Kane

"Kane" isn't his real last name but everything else he does on stage is authentic and truthful.

Nemr Nrvna's Nemrmind


One name, at least three jokes, one beard, two eyes, one guy. NEMR.

Nick Cody In Australian it's pronounced "Coidy"

Nick Cody

This Aussie has been on Conan and has probably swam in the ocean more than you have.

Celia Pacquola This is a stamp in Australia

Celia Pacquola

Another hilarious Australian who probably found the streets of Montreal to be surprisingly free of venomous spiders.

Rachid Badouri If you're gonna go bald might as well go smooth

Rachid Badouri

Quebec hero takes to his home stage to deliver you the goods in whatever language he feels comfortable with.

Nick Thune Grew that beard by accident

Nick Thune

Tune into Thune as he croons goon tunes under the Montreal moon.

Joe Mande "Dear God, please send me more stuff"

Joe Mande

You've probably watched his writing on TV shows like Parks and Recreation, now see his face too.

Mike O'Brien Kinda looks like my cousin

Mike O'Brien

He's a Saturday Night Live guy so trust the jokes he is willing to give.

Tim Gilbert Heavy Meddle

Tim Gilbert

This Ontario native has an attitude you'll only find in the most competitive arcades.

Todd Graham Toddy Grahams

Todd Graham

A Toronto expert with jokes that are short, sweet, sour, bitter and VERY tasty.

Sara Hennessey Goro had a pretty good top pony, remember?

Sara Hennessey

Drink up a glass of this Hennessey and feel way better than if you were to drink the other kind.

Barry Rothbart Fly him up the flag pole, he would be France

Barry Rothbart

This comic was in The Wolf of Wall Street so he's probably made Leo himself laugh.

Deon Cole VERY huggable

Deon Cole

The Angie Tribeca star will prove why he is one of the lucky few to make it in showbiz.

Alice Wetterlund Alice in Wetterlund

Alice Wetterlund

Alice is one of those comics who's popping up everywhere these days, which is why we wanted her to pop up here too.

Matt Braunger Harder, better, faster, Braunger

Matt Braunger

If stand-ups wore those jackets that army people do, he'd have tons of those bar things.

Finesse Mitchell "Hi, I'm looking to speak with Pumpy?"

Finesse Mitchell

Former SNL currently blowing minds with performances all over.

Tim Rabnett Silly Rabnett, tricks are... whatever

Tim Rabnett

A Toronto stand-up vet who, like a can of raisins, has only improved with age.

Noah Gardenswartz Sure Noah, use this as a passport photo

Noah Gardenswartz

Noah had tons of jobs before becoming a stand-up so it wasn't all that weird when he taught us math backstage.

Jimmy Carr Probably burning God here

Jimmy Carr

Every year we aim to appease the Carr-heads out there and we're more than happy to do so.

Wendy Liebman Don't yell at me!

Wendy Liebman

In her career she's told more jokes than lunches you've ate.

Andy Kindler A Kindler, gentler Andy

Andy Kindler

The epitome of "comic's comic," so if you're not a comic then... pretend like you are for a few minutes and enjoy a genius at work.

George Wallace Email us to find out what his hat says

George Wallace

Hall of fame hilariousness from one of the greats.

Big Jay Oakerson When you're this big, they call you "big"

Big Jay Oakerson

The NY Times has called him "The master of the dirty joke" so you teens should check this one out.

Derek Seguin Seguin Genesis

Derek Seguin

He won the 2015 edition of Canada's Top Comic so he shouldn't have to prove he's funny but will anyway.

Carrie Fisher May the Force be with you, always.

Carrie Fisher

Trying not to tear up here.

Brian Posehn Santa in college

Brian Posehn

Alt comedy legend who is taller than your dad.

Ivan Decker Decker the halls with boughs of laughter

Ivan Decker

The best thing to come out of Vancouver since fresh air.

Nathan Macintosh Don't get gravy on that white shirt

Nathan Macintosh

He's lovable like a pair of socks fresh out of the dryer on a winter's day.

Cristela Alonzo Professor Plum, with the microphone, in the concert hall

Cristela Alonzo

She might be the funniest person on this list but only you can determine that because comedy is subjective.

Joel Creasy See you next year

Joel Creasy

Joel is an Australian actor and comedian who only got the last spot on the list because that's the order of the list we were given.

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