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Jim Jefferies Jim Jefferies

Jim Jefferies

Thunder From Down Under

Jarrett Campbell Jarrett Campbell

Jarrett Campbell

Rhymes with ferret.

Brad Williams Brad Williams

Brad Williams

Neck in neck with Brad Pitt for the title of Best Brad.



Like Cher, he only needs one name.

Erin Foley Erin Foley

Erin Foley

Foley, not Folley.

Dave Merheje Dave Merheje

Dave Merheje

Windsor represent, baby!

Nish Kumar Nish Kumar

Nish Kumar

Your Nish is his command.

Bonnie McFarlane Bonnie McFarlane

Bonnie McFarlane

Not related to Seth MacFarlane.

Tommy Little Tommy Little

Tommy Little

Thunder From Down Under Part 2: The Storm's Revenge

Ms. Pat Ms. Pat

Ms. Pat

A true queen.

Rhys Nicholson Rhys Nicholson

Rhys Nicholson

Thunder From Down Under Part 3: Really, We're Doing This Again?

Forrest Shaw Forrest Shaw

Forrest Shaw

Self-proclaimed manatee lover.

Chris Redd Chris Redd

Chris Redd

Hopefully has a clever Reddit username.

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