Jeff Dunham @ JFL

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Jeff Dunham Jeff Dunham

Jeff Dunham

Possibly the world's only famous ventriloquist.

Brent Butt Brent Butt

Brent Butt

Looks even better in non-cartoon form!

Deon Cole Deon Cole

Deon Cole

The superior DJ Tanner.

Brad Williams Brad Williams

Brad Williams

The best Brad in town.

Robert Kelly Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly

A+ Irish name.

Sterling Scott Sterling Scott

Sterling Scott

Scarborough, more like STARborough.

Pat McGann Pat McGann

Pat McGann

A Pat without two Ts is a good Pat indeed.

D.J. Demers D.J. Demers

D.J. Demers

He won a Juno. Did you win a Juno?

Tom Papa Tom Papa

Tom Papa

He likes it when you call him Tom Papa.

Rachel Feinstein Rachel Feinstein

Rachel Feinstein

More than just fein.

Matteo Lane Matteo Lane

Matteo Lane

Loves Maria Callas.

Lavell Crawford Lavell Crawford

Lavell Crawford

Was on Breaking Bad (aka is better than all of us).

Dave Hughes Dave Hughes

Dave Hughes

Being Australian doesn't define him!

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