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Jann Arden Jann Arden

Jann Arden


You’ve heard of singer Jann Arden. Every Canadian has! She had a string of huge hits in the ‘90s, and played to sold-out stadiums across the country. But on JANN the series, times have changed. While Jann is as talented as ever, she’s no longer the household name she once was. Now she plays corporate gigs and community events, like the local farmer's market. As Jann embarks on a quest for renewed fame, she’s also dealing with obligations and pressures from her ‘real’ life. Her mom Nora (Deborah Grover) is beginning to show the early signs of memory loss, and needs someone to look out for her. Her sister Max (Zoie Palmer) is unexpectedly pregnant and needs support too. Plus, Jann’s recent ex Cynthia (Sharon Taylor) is moving on, and they’ve committed to being friends…though Jann is still hoping for more.

Zoie Palmer Zoie Palmer

Zoie Palmer


Max, 39, is just as forthright and as much of a ‘blurter’ as her older sister Jann (Jann Arden), but their approaches to life are very different. Where Jann avoids some of the tough stuff in life, Max looks at life head on, and tries to solve everyone’s problems…which can get pretty tiring.

Deborah Grover Deborah Grover

Deborah Grover


Nora is in her 70s, and small but still fierce. An elementary school teacher until retirement, Nora believed in being a parent, not a friend to her kids.

Patrick Gilmore Patrick Gilmore

Patrick Gilmore


Stocky and bearded – a reliable teddy bear of a man – everyone likes Dave. The neighbour next door, who’s quite possibly a war criminal, likes Dave. He’s a bit of a softie…a hands-on dad to his daughters, a loving husband, and a solid provider. Though admittedly, with every kid the chequing account dwindles a little bit more.

Elena Juatco Elena Juatco

Elena Juatco


Cale is the slick, smooth-talking, avocado-toast-eating, manager of the moment. Millennial to the extreme. Driven and ruthless, Cale would do anything for her clients. Where Todd (Jason Blicker), Jann’s longtime manager, is courteous and makes agreements based on handshakes, Cale would blackmail her own mother if it meant getting a client a better deal.

Jason Blicker Jason Blicker

Jason Blicker


Todd has been Jann’s (Jann Arden) manager for close to 30 years. In the 1990s and 2000s, he was the perfect choice for Jann. He had a small but top-notch roster of artists, and gave them all the personal touch. That’s still Todd’s approach: “Be whoever your client needs you to be.”

Sharon Taylor Sharon Taylor

Sharon Taylor


Thoughtful, smart, funny – Cynthia is relationship goals. Throughout their six years together, Cynthia was always there to counsel and comfort Jann (Jann Arden). Even though, at times, Jann was not an easy person to love.

Alexa Rose Steele Alexa Rose Steele

Alexa Rose Steele


Charley is 19 years old and in her second year of studying business at University of Alberta, but is close to flunking out. She’s a tad “hipper than thou” (Auntie Jann’s music’s not cool).

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